Dual-Output Electric Body Massager


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  • Suitable for the crowd is extremely extensive
  • Natural safety silicone patch, cool and comfortable, easy to use
  • Manual switch function, more power
  • English Chinese Language Switch
  • Large LCD display
  • 6 simulation functions
  • electrotherapy technology, physical therapy more accurate
  • Meridian guidance to find acupuncture points
  • Exquisite and lightweight to carry more convenient
  • Super 8 stickers output, for two people at the same time use

Basic Parameter:  

  • Control: mechanical  
  • Power supply: USB, 3A battery, rechargeable  
  • Function: timing, infrared therapy, hand-held wire  
  • Application: body  
  • Item Type: health care products 
  • Size: 23.5cm*19cm*4.8cm  
  • Material: composite material  
  • Specifications: Dual output  
  • Color: white + green  







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