Three-Axis Intelligent Hand-Held Gimbal


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  • Face recognition. After locking the characters on the screen, the gimbal follows the movements of the captured people.
  • Real-time charging function. The original battery lasts about 5 hours and can be charged by portable power to shoot for a long time.
  • Special APP wireless connection. Strong compatibility, it supports iOS and Android system.
  • Horizontal or vertical. Meet your different needs of shot.
  • One key homing function. Press the power button twice in succession to restore the original state.
  • APP download method: iOS – search Gimbal pro for download, or scan the QR code of the page directly; Android – scan the QR code in the manual or scan the QR code of the page directly.
  • Power supply: 2200mAh battery ( built-in ).
  • Compatible with phone less than 6 inches.
  • The phone and portable power in picture are not included.



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